Due to increasing regulatory requirements, new money laundering and terrorist financing trends financial institutions have to look for ways how to keep up with the fast-changing environment. Therefore, it is crucial to give proper training to people who join your company.

It is worth mentioning that every employee of the company has to go through AML compliance training and sometimes it might be challenging to adapt material to specific needs. It is not enough to simply give an introductory training to everyone, especially to AML compliance personnel.

Anti Money Laundering Training Requirements

When designing your training program, you should think of the following:

– when and how the training will be delivered
– whether external training will be needed
– how knowledge after the training will be assessed
– how will you keep records and store training material
– when a re-fresh will be needed

Training should be a continuous process so that your employees are up-to-date with the latest regulatory or any internal operational changes, are aware of such things as tipping off and know what to do when customer’s actions raise suspicions.

– Giving introductory, refresh or specific training to all level of your employees on AML / CTF topic
– Creating training program
– Setting up record keeping process

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