Litigation and dispute resolution. Representation at the court and arbitration

ECOVIS ProventusLaw offers its remarkable experience in representing clients in litigation and arbitration proceedings. Our lawyers have represented clients in a number of significant court disputes in all instances. The majority of such disputes included challenging decisions of bodies of companies or non-profit organisations, challenging decisions taken in the field of construction, planning and zoning, as well as in cases related to the protection of intellectual property, transport and unfair competition of former employees.

Our lawyers have also gained considerable experience in defending the reputation of our clients in cases of publishing false information damaging to the reputation of our clients, in challenging contract awards in public procurement procedures, decisions of public authorities in the field of taxation, in litigation regarding the liability of executives, as well as in cases of restructuring and bankruptcy.

“Legal 500” ranking also outlined ECOVIS ProventusLaw lawyers as highly regarded practitioners in dispute resolution area.

Most of the clients represented by us in litigation and in out-of-court disputes operate in telecommunications, IT, transport and construction sectors. Our clients include such well-known corporations as UAB Mobiliųjų telefonų techninis centras, UAB Transekspedicija group, one of the largest logistics companies in Lithuania, one of the largest telecommunications companies, one of the world’s largest gambling operators, one of the largest railway companies in the Asian Region and such public entities as the Eurasian Harm Reduction Network, business associations and many others. ECOVIS ProventusLaw is also happy to assist smaller entities – we are active in protecting their interests in different complex cases. To us such cases always stand as a challenge and each professional views his success in them as a personal ambition.

Although our experience in a courtroom could be measured in thousands of hours, we find our work before entering a courtroom even more significant. First, we help you to find out whether litigation or arbitration in your case is the most efficient choice for you and whether the result pursued is worth your investment.

In order to help our clients to avoid disputes we develop strategies and draw up documents aimed at avoiding litigation. Where there is no room for an amicable solution, we recommend the most suitable means of commercial dispute resolution and the most effective strategy.

In disputes, we take only such tactical decisions which are necessary for achieving the goal and which are most effective – we think proactively about the client’s cost management. We represent clients in pre-trial bodies and in courts of all instances. We draft all documents required for litigation.

The experience of ECOVIS ProventusLaw includes the following

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