Having an Information Security Officer or an equivalent employee in organizations has become a standard practice in business, governmental and non-profit organizations. Reliable, secure technology is critical to business success and is essential for maintaining productivity and upholding your organization’s reputation.

Tasks and responsibilities of IT security officer

The information security officer (ISO) is the executive responsible for an organization’s information, digital assets and information system’s security. In case of organizations that work in or with stringent regulatory requirements, Information Security Officer Services help the organizations to meet their compliance with the requirements and guidelines.

The sector of financial services is constantly in the heart of cyber attacks and attackers constantly continue to target organizations providing financial services. Not only does it represent a hugely lucrative target for criminals, but it is also increasingly dependent on data. FinTech companies must keep their data, including financial and personal customer records they have been entrusted to store, secure at all costs – even as it adapts to initiatives such as open banking, which requires organizations to share data externally with third parties. IT security in the financial sector must be accelerated because, according to different studies, fake mobile banking apps that are now in circulation fool more than one of the three consumers and bank trojans now are widely used.

According to some analysis of the breaches in financial industry organizations, 88 % of the time, attackers successfully breach a company in a matter of hours. The majority of attacks, either intentionally or by accident, are performed from inside. A great way to ensure that your organization has the right tools of security measures in place to effectively combat modern threats is to perform a comprehensive security assessment.

Information security officer services provided by ECOVIS ProventusLaw

Our Information Security Officer services for business organizations include the following:

  • assisting the companies in the preparation of required application forms for acquiring EMI/PI license in Lithuania;
  • appointing of Information, IT and Cyber Security experts;
  • auditing existing systems from a security controls perspective and providing comprehensive operational risk assessments along with treatment plans;
  • advising by creating a strategic plan for the deployment of information security technologies and program enhancements;
  • supervision of development (and ensuring compliance with) corporate security policies, standards and procedures, or development of such according to ISO 27000 series requirements;
  • data loss and fraud prevention;
  • collaboration with the key stakeholders to establish an Information Security risk management program;
  • ongoing support on other Information Security related topics.

If your company is looking for an assessment that gives you valuable insight into your Information Security, its controls and practices, do not hesitate to contact ECOVIS ProventusLaw team. Our Information Security professionals will assess your Information, IT and Cyber Security controls and will provide you with a complete picture of your current status of security controls and recommendations on what should be improved.

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