It is great when your employees know what to do, but to achieve effectiveness and reduce number of mistakes it is important to have written internal policies, procedures and establish controls. When you have written procedures, your employees can consult them any time to successfully complete their daily tasks. It is also a way to set minimum standards and leave as little space for interpretations as possible.

Main Principles for Creating of Internal AML Policies, Procedures

When creating your internal policies, procedures and controls, you should think of:

– Simplicity – documentation needs to reflect your action rather than repeat AML law

– Clarity – do not use over-complicated words or structures

– Purpose – what do you want to achieve with procedure

– Audience – who should follow this procedure

– Timing – when, what and to whom reports should be provided

We can:

– Draft internal policies, procedures and design controls
– Review and improve existing policies, procedures and controls.

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