ECOVIS ProventusLaw draws up employment contracts with executives, collective agreements, job descriptions, rules of procedure, other labour-related documentation, and local acts. Our lawyers are available to act for employees and employers in entering and terminating employment contracts, including termination of contracts between a company and its executives.

ECOVIS ProventusLaw team:

  • draws up employment contracts in various languages (English, Russian, Polish);
  • evaluates the possibilities of transferring employment conditions of foreign states to employment contracts concluded in accordance with the legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania;
  • consults and draws up all the necessary documents for the employment of executives, performance of their activities and termination of employment contracts;
  • advises on the issues related to temporary agency employment, draws up temporary agency employment contracts and all other documents related to temporary agency employment;
  • draws up documents and consults companies on organizational changes and restructuring, transfer of the employer’s business or part thereof;
  • prepares internal documents of the companies regarding the rules of procedure, working and rest time, remuneration systems, etc.;
  • consults the companies on remuneration systems, idle time, employees’ motivation systems, remuneration for work on days off and holidays, overtime, compensation for employees whose work is mobile or involves travel;
  • consults and participates in negotiations with employees or employees’ representatives;
  • advises on organisational change of the employer, optimization of the employer’s activities, reduction of work places and other issues;
  • consults on collective redundancy issues and redundancy procedures in order to ensure compliance with legal obligations, prepares necessary documents;
  • consults on employee selection criteria and formation of a selection committee;
  • assists in the issues regarding labour taxation in Lithuania.

Loreta Andziulytė

Attorney at law, Partner of the Law Firm, Certified Data Protection Expert, Lawyer

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