An option agreement as a motivating measure is beneficial to both parties, the employee and the employer. When the employee acquires shares in the company, the employee’s loyalty to the company gradually increases, he/she becomes interested in contributing to the company’s long-term goals and their effective implementation, at the same time the employee feels more motivated because he/she has all the rights guaranteed to shareholders by law. This is a great opportunity to contribute to the development of a business that a person would not dare to commence alone because of various risks, etc. The benefit for the company in this case is also obvious as this ensures the possibility to attract specialists in different fields, maintain their loyalty, real involvement in activities, motivation.

Our team:

  • consults on the issues regarding employee’s options;
  • draws up option agreements;
  • consults on the issues related to employees’ motivation schemes, prepares documents.

Loreta Andziulytė

Attorney at law, Partner of the Law Firm, Certified Data Protection Expert, Lawyer

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