Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) is payment integration and simplification of pan-European bank transfers denominated in EUR within the SEPA zone and EU/EEA area. In SEPA more than 500 million individuals and over 20 million businesses can make and receive EUR payments across Europe at low cost, fast and easy like domestic payments in their home country.

Direct access to SEPA for non-banks. Payment and Electronic Money institution as well as other Fintech’s allowed to connect SEPA directly without intermediary commercial banks and process EUR payments at low cost under the same terms and conditions as commercial banks.

Direct connection to SEPA through the Central Bank. Direct technical access through the Central Bank via flexible connection multiprotocol label switching or VPN via secure internet, enabling send and receive SEPA payments. Access to instant payments and SEPA schemes: SCT, SDD Core, SCT inst., STRP2, RT1, TIPS.

SEPA payments at low cost. No entry or annual fees. SEPA Credit Transfers, Instant payments, Direct Debits at low cost.

Individual client IBAN account generation. Possibility to generate and open individual client IBAN accounts using assigned unique 5-digit financial institution code. Lookup for the IBAN account according to the alternate mobile phone number (MSISDN) or Email (URI) identifier.

SWIFT BIC codes for non-banks. Payment service providers such as Payment and Electronic Money institution as well as other non-banking Fintech’s are allowed get their own SWIFT BIC codes.

Client funds safeguarding with the Central Bank. Licensed Payment and Electronic Money institution as well as other non-banking Fintech’s allowed to safeguard own and client (third party) funds with the Central Bank of Euro Zone member state. It eliminates the risk and costs usually associated with the funds safeguarding with commercial banks.


– Investigation of the client business model, business needs, risks associated and possibilities to connect SEPA.

– Consultancy on the requirements to be met for SEPA connection.

– Assistance in client licensing or other authorization procedures.

– Assistance in the preparation of the client internal AML/KYC policies and procedures.

– Assistance in getting SWIFT, BIC codes.

– Representation during the SEPA connection procedure.

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