Knowledge sharing morning: “GDPR: what to learn from mistakes?”


Full house for two times – people attended ECOVIS ProventusLaw knowledge sharing events “GDPR: what to learn from mistakes?” and were keen to learn more about GDPR and how to be in comply with its requirements.

Our experts of data protection and guest speaker talked about why bigger and smaller business players in Europe received fines from supervision institutions, presented plenty of interesting case studies and practical examples, shared advices and were happy to receive pile of various questions about the topic from the audience.
Main takeaways and insights of the events:

– First year of #GDPR – 404 mln. Eur of fines applied to businesses in Europe. Financial services
companies received the biggest number of fines.

– Companies were fined for improper application of technical and organizational measures in
most cases.

– Privacy policy shall be simple, clear, user friendly.

– It is not enough to only have GDPR documentation; real actions should be taken too. Make your privacy program live.

What matters the most – personal data protection is an endless process that can’t be forgotten and left unattended. Also, it is very important to secure the data using all possible technical measures.

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