European Commission’s proposal of eIDAS Regulation amendments has been published. What is relevant for the protection of personal data?

On June 3 2021, the European Commission published proposals for amendments to the Regulation on Electronic Identification and Trust Services for Electronic Transactions. The most noteworthy of the proposed changes is the introduction of the European Digital Identity Wallet, which would be accessible to all citizens and companies in the European Union. It is proposed that this tool would allow individuals to identify themselves by accessing a variety of commercial or public sector services, regardless of the country of the European Union in which the services are provided.

In addition, this tool would allow the storage of identity-related data and official documents in electronic format, thus giving the opportunity to individuals to use the European Digital Identity Wallet while providing identity documents throughout the European Union.

It is proposed that this tool would allow its users to have additional control on where and to whom their personal data, included in these documents, is being transferred, as it would allow individuals to choose which of their identity data they provide to third parties, as well as the ability to keep track of who specifically shared his or her personal data.

Ultimately, service providers will be required to inform the countries in which they will provide the services of their intention to rely on a European Digital Identity Wallet, which would allow the countries to control, whether the processing of sensitive data is lawful both under the national and international data protection legal acts.

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The European Commission’s proposal can be found here.

Prepared by ECOVIS ProventusLaw Associate Andrius Karmonas

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