Strategic Partnership Announcement

We are proud to announce our key partnership with Micapass, which provides seamless AML compliance on-chain for the evolving DeFi ecosystem. Micapass offers ongoing KYC AML and wallet screening services that allow users to maintain privacy while helping protocols avoid illicit funds and sanctioned individuals.

“Technology is pushing everything forward, and the law is no exception. As hard as it may be for crypto companies to accept, having flourished in scarcely regulated grounds, regulation is the next evolutionary step in the crypto-verse. Micapass is an all-inclusive solution for crypto compliance, encompassing one of the most fundamental requirements under MiCAR – transparency. It serves as a stepping stone for crypto compliance that’s already an essential tool both for centralized and decentralized business models. The necessity of Micapass is already apparent, so we believe it’s only a matter of time when it becomes commonly implemented. ” says our partner and attorney-at-law Inga Karulaityte.

Ecovis ProventusLaw will be Micapass’s primary legal advisor on legal matters and serve as its main legal adviser to Micapass clients.

“Ecovis PreventusLaw has demonstrated profound expertise not only in implementing AML/CFT, international sanctions compliance according to FATF and AML directive standards, and other legal practices essential for Web3 compliance but also possesses extensive knowledge about how Web3 functions and crypto-specific “lingo” that allows businesses to get their point across seamlessly. They understand how common practices align with both existing and forthcoming laws,” says Gintarė Košubienė, CEO of Micapass.

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