ECOVIS ProventusLaw organises training on prevention of violence and harassment at work

With the amendments to the Labour Code that entered into force on 1 November 2022, employers have new obligations to provide training to their employees on the dangers of violence and harassment (also known as mobbing), measures to prevent it, and employees’ rights and obligations in this area.

To help employers meet these obligations, ECOVIS ProventusLaw, together with other professionals, organises training for employees on violence and harassment.

Organisations can choose between the following types of training:

  • Live training at the employer’s premises;
  • Remote training using Zoom, Teams or other platforms;
  • Recorded training on the ECOVIS ProventusLaw training platform:

Training topics:

1. Regulatory changes in the field of violence and harassment.

We will discuss the changes that have come into force since 1 November 2022 and their consequences. How do these changes impact the employee and the employer?

2. What is violence and harassment and how can they be distinguished from other forms of unwanted behaviour?

We will introduce the most common forms of violence and harassment, discuss how to recognise them and how to distinguish them from other forms of unwanted behaviour. This part of the training will include practical examples, discussion.

3. How to react if you do face violence and harassment at work?

We will discuss how to react if you do encounter violence and harassment. We will share practices on how to respond appropriately to acts of violence and harassment – the “Three No’s” rule, “Appropriate feedback”, “How to speak up so I can be heard” and other “tips & tricks”.

4. Practical exercises, discussion

During the training, we will carry out exercises to help you retain the knowledge better.

Why ECOVIS ProventusLaw?

  • The training on prevention of violence and harassment at work will be delivered not only by ECOVIS ProventusLaw labour law experts, but also by specialists with many years of experience in the field of psychology;
  • We will share practical examples and answer the most frequently asked questions in practice: how to create a safe working environment, how to react if a report of violence and harassment is received, how to investigate such cases and how to prevent them in the future;
  • ECOVIS ProventusLaw’s employment law experts have many years of experience in labour disputes, and during the training we will share tips on how to avoid disputes and focus on creating value in the organisation.

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